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Saturday the 14th Strikes BackSavage Dawn

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Action packed story of how Jim Haygood (James Glehart) young, black and brilliant becomes the legendary leader of a rebel army. In a daring ambush on the beach Moncada, elusive leader of the rebel army, is captured by Jim Haygood and turned over to the authorities. That night, Jim celebrates his success in a nightclub, where he meets two glamorous young girl entertainers, Amanda of the High Wire (Carol Speed) and Vicky the Knife-Thrower (Lada Edmund Jr.). A reporter bursts in with the news that Moncada is dead, accusing Jim of the cold-blooded murder of the rebel leader, but in a major battle between the rebels and the army Jim proves his true colors. In a brilliant coup he redirects the enemy planes to attack their own troops. From then on, through a swift series of daring exploits Jim Haygood emerges as the new rebel leader, "SAVAGE" in name and deed.

Release Date: 1973
Run Time: 81 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: James Iglehart, Lada Edmund, Carol Speed, Rossana Ortiz, Sally Jordan, Aura Aurea, Vic Diaz
Director: Cirio H. Santiago


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