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Funeral Home
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Funeral Home

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A low-key, atmospheric Canadian production, Funeral Home (aka Cries in the Night) makes effective use of the title setting, which has been converted into a bed & breakfast by Maude Chalmers (Kay Hawtrey) after the demise of her less-than-popular husband -- known throughout the town as "Chalmers the Embalmer." Maude's pretty granddaughter Heather (Lesleh Donaldson) arrives for a summer visit, and soon begins to hear weird, guttural moans and sobs from the padlocked cellar; before long, assorted obnoxious guests at the inn find their welcome revoked -- violently. Despite a nerdy deputy's obvious crush on her, Heather is unable to convince him that evil forces are lurking beneath the Chalmers house, and she decides to investigate on her own.

Release Date: 1982
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Starring: Lesleh Donaldson, Kay Hawtrey
Director: William Fruet


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