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Gate 2
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Gate 2

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This sequel to the 1987 horror thriller The Gate, centers on troubled-teen Terry who tires of being teased for being a nerd, not having dates, and dealing with his unemployed, alcoholic father. After learning about the portal to the gates of hell said to be in his town, Terry decides to cast a spell and see if he can make his life a little better. Using his computer and a book of ancient incantations, the determined young man begins his ritual. Unfortunately before he is finished, the two town bullies and their girl friend intervene and find themselves hopelessly involved when the gates open and out pops a diminutive demon who is more than happy to do their bidding. At first the kids are delighted to finally have their hearts desire, but it is only a matter of time before the demon's true nature manifests itself and all their dreams turn to nightmares.

Release Date: 1992
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Louis Tripp, Simon Reynolds, Pamela Segall, James Villemaire, Andrea Ladanyi, Neil Munro, James Kidnie
Director: Tibor Takacs


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