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Wrestling Queen, TheWWF: Battle of the WWF Superstars 1992

WWF: Battle of the WWF Superstars
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WWF: Battle of the WWF Superstars

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Coliseum Video

1. 04/30/90 The Bushwhackers vs. The Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine

2. 04/23/90 Mr. Perfect vs. Tito Santan

3. 02/19/90 Dusty Rhodes vs. Akeem

4. 1990 Dusty Rhodes vs. The Big Bossman

5. 1990 Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Savage

6. 01/15/90 The Genius vs. Jim Niedhart

7. 12/28/89 Jake Roberts vs. Ted DiBiase

8. 1990 The Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr. Perfect


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