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Fast Food
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Fast Food

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Auggie and his pals are living it up as perpetual college students. When the dean decides the only way to stop their antics is to graduate them, they come up with one final scheme; a risky bank loan to turn a friend's garage into stiff competition for Wrangler Bob's fast food chain. When it looks like Bob will win after all, they develop a very special sauce that keeps the crowds coming back because it has the effect of being an aphrodisiac. Bob doesn't like to lose, so he sends Dixie Love to infiltrate the restaurant and find out their secret. The ensuing FDA investigation culminates into a steamy case of disorder in the court!


Release Date: 1989

Run Time: 90 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Starring: Clark Brandon, Tracy Griffith, Randal Patrick, Traci Lords, Kevin McCarthy, Michael J. Pollard, Jim Varney

Director: Michael A. Simpson


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