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Blood Evil
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Blood Evil

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A.K.A. Demons of the Mind


Offbeat psychological thriller about a bombastic 19th-century Baron who keeps his two adult offspring imprisoned in the family estate, convinced they are afflicted by an evil curse of madness passed down from their late mother. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones to worry about. A spate of recent murders in the surrounding village are being committed by his son, who is being manipulated by his father's deranged will to leave the castle and act out Dad's twisted, violent fantasies, while the superstitious peasants think demons are responsible. And daughter Elizabeth escapes for a brief tryst with a local boy Carl before being recaptured and subjected to a bleeding process to 'draw out the bad blood. A wandering Priest dedicates himself to root out the evil, but isn't taken seriously. And arriving at the castle are two more interested parties: Scientist-huckster Falkenberg stands to make a small fortune if his strange apparatus can cure the Baron’s children of their inherited evil. Young Carl simply wants to rescue Elizabeth.


Release Date: 1972

Run Time: 85 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Michael Hordern, Patrick Magee, Yvonne Mitchell, Robert Hardy, Gillian Hills, Virginia Wetherell, Shane Briant, Paul Jones, Thomas Heathcote, Kenneth J. Warren

Director: Peter Sykes



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