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Journey into the Beyond
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Journey into the Beyond

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Journey in to the Beyond is a German documentary. In America this it was narrated by John Carradine. The VHS boasts that you won't see this on television, and that's true. The reason for that is there is more than your fair share of graphic, gruesome and disturbing scenes throughout. You get more than you share of psychic surgeries being perfomed in the Phillippines, exorcists being performed by an a English priest, a German lady being violently possessed, etc. There is a séance being performed in an Italian catacomb, full of skulls and skeletons, with a supposed filming of a ghost while this is going on. Another cool scene was a scene in Africa where a man performs a levitation against the background of African drums. He performs this levitation inside a circle of fire. John Carradine warns you that some chimes will play when a gruesome scene is coming, so you can turn away if you have a weak stomach. This whole documentary screams '70s, with a grainy, movie projector quality picture. So if you want a gruesome documentary on the paranormal, psychic powers, psychic healing and surgery, voodoo, possession, etc., then give this one a try.

Release Date: 1976

Run Time: 95 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: John Carradine

Director: Rolf Olsen



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