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Manitou, TheMardi Gras Massacre

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A double-crossed female CIA agent is bent on revenge over her X-lover who tried to kill her and has gone over to the bad side. The wronged CIA lady forms a team to make an assault on her former lover and associate. He appears to be hanging out with his own gang in a South American country running a white prostitution ring and drug trafficking business. The all women team consists of prison convicts who are well armed and scantily dressed in cut off combat rags. The girls are sexy and sleazy and have plenty of bounce to the ounce. The gang, however, is pretty much a collection of low life, scum bag bums that are just hanging around waiting to be killed. They are well armed also, but very quickly prove they have a remarkable talent for missing everything they shoot at.


Release Date: 1987

Run Time: 90 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Starring: Edd Byrnes, Gail Fisher, Edy Williams, Lynda Aldon, William Zipp, Christopher Lunde, Susanne Tegman, Marilyn Stafford, Paul Bruno, Byron Clark

Director: David A. Prior



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