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Twilight Of The Cockroaches
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Twilight Of The Cockroaches

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Director Hiroaki Yoshida chose the much-maligned cockroach as the subject of this allegorical live-action/animated feature to represent the Japanese and the negative way in which they are perceived in the world. Throughout the film, the title insects' behavior subtly mimics that of contemporary Japanese society and their underlying belief that eventually they may come to rule the world (in the director's opinion). The symbolism will be most accessible to those familiar with Japan, those who aren't will appreciate an offbeat tale that is filled with moments of humor and sorrow. The tale is told from a roach's eye view and is set in the chaotic apartment of the slovenly bachelor Saito. Though the apartment's previous tenants waged a continuous battle against the roach colony therein, Saito and the insects have reached a pleasant detente that allows the bugs to become complacent and decadent. When a militaristic roach from a neighboring building flies into their isolated world and Saito falls in love, however, the party comes to an abrupt end, and the roaches must quickly adapt to a life of struggling for survival.

Release Date: 1990

Run Time: 105 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Voice: Kaoru Kobayashi, Setsuko Karamsumarau,

Director: Hiroaki Yoshida           


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